Practice Exercise Eight - ie/ei words

Choose the correct spelling of the word in parentheses.

1. Her little brother is very ____________________. (weird, wierd)

2. When you see a ____________________ sign, you should slow down. (yeild, yield)

3. I ____________________ in UFOs. (beleive, believe)

4. I didn't get a ____________________ for my lunch. (receipt, reciept)

5. The little girl was very ____________________. (mischeivous, mischievous)

6. Our ____________________ needs to be painted. (ceiling, cieling)

7. My new ____________________ is named Amber. (neice, niece)

8. Before you see the doctor, the nurse will check your ___________________. (height, hieght)

9. I asked my ____________________ to mow the lawn. (neighbor, nieghbor)

10.The lawyer's ____________________ fell off the table. (breifcase, briefcase)

Answer Key

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