Practice Exercise Four - "ing" ending

Fill in the blank by adding the ing ending to each word in parantheses.

1. I am ____________________ the school flag in Friday's parade. (carry)

2. Why are you ____________________ at a green light? (stop)

3. She is ____________________ the bus to Chicago. (ride)

4. We are ____________________ to Orlando. (fly)

5. They are ____________________ the knot in June. (tie)

6. Friday night, the kids are ____________________ in a tent. (sleep)

7. Chad was ____________________ a lawyer about the accident. (see)

8. The bank was ____________________ my check. (hold)

9. The Johnsons were ____________________ their trip to New York. (map)

10. Angela was ____________________ the white curtains orange. (dye)

Answer Key

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