Practice Exercise One - Homonyms

Read each sentence and fill in the blank with the correct word.

1. I will not be able to __________________ the new job. (accept, except)

2. Please try not to __________________ your new sunglasses. (lose, loose)

3. __________________ going to the races this evening. (Their, They're)

4. How does candy __________________ your blood sugar? (affect, effect)

5. We had __________________ much snow last winter. (to, too, two)

6. She __________________ the capitals of every state. (new, knew)

7. __________________ car is parked in the driveway? (Who's, Whose)

8. April is the __________________ month. (forth, fourth)

9. The __________________ ingredients of bread are flour, water, and yeast. (principal, principle)

10. I would __________________ all parents to have a dog. (advice, advise)

Answer Key

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