Lesson Seven - "ly" ending Adding the letters ly to a word or word part makes the word an adverb. An adverb is used to describe a verb. In the sentence Joe ran quickly to the car, quickly is an adverb that describes how Joe ran. Below are several rules for adding the ly ending to words. Study the rules and then complete the practice exercises.

Rule 1: add ly to most words
    quick + ly = quickly     time + ly = timely

Rule 2: if the word ends in a consonant plus le, change the e to y
    able + ly = ably     gentle + ly = gently

Rule 3: if the word ends in y, change y to i and add ly
    crazy + ly = crazily     hasty + ly = hastily

Rule 4: words that end in ic and ical become ically when you add ly
    logical + ly = logically

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