Lesson Four - "ing" ending

The letters ing are added to verbs to show the present tense. Here is a sample sentence: I am writing a letter. Below are three basic rules that demonstrate how to add the ing ending to most verbs. Study the rules and then complete the practice exercises.

Rule 1: add ing to most words
    mail + ing = mailing carry + ing =carrying
  • always keep the y before adding the ing ending

Rule 2: if the word ends in e, drop the e and add ing
    ride + ing = riding     take + ing = taking

Rule 3: if the word is short and ends with a vowel/consonant, double the consonant and add ing
    stop + ing = stopping
    wrap + ing = wrapping

  • if a word has a double e, do not drop the second e
      See + ing = seeing
  • change ie to y before adding ing
      die + ing = dying

    note: the word die means to pass away and the word dye means to color

      dye + ing = dyeing

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