Spelling: A Key to Good Communication

Program Title: Spelling - A Key to Good Communication
Developed By: Melinda Steckler
ABSE Instructor
Dickinson Adult Learning Center

As an adult educator, I have found it difficult to find useful materials to teach the basics of spelling. My co-workers shared my frustration so I decided to develop lessons and exercises that addressed some of the basic rules of spelling.

After gathering input from my co-workers about which spelling basics to include, I researched the current formats in which these three lessons were available. My goal was to create a concise group of lessons and exercises that could be used by adult educators for the entire gamut of students we serve.

Once the lessons and exercises were designed, I tested their effectiveness on several students. The first student to complete the exercises reads at about a thrid grade level. We worked on the eercises together and with my guideance, he was able to complete all of the exercises. I aslo gave the material to two other students preparing for the GED. These students used the lessons as a guide and completed the exercises without my help. The GED students felt the spelling program was a good review and reminded them of some of the basic rules they had forgotten.

In its current format, the program is ready to be distributed to adult educators. The instructors can make photocopies of the original lessons and practice exercises for student use. The word list may be used for spelling drills or various other activities

This program, in the same format, would also be suitable for Internet publication. I envision a site that allows students to study the lessons and then complete the exercises either on-line or on a printed copy.

In conclusion, I think this spelling program provides an excellent base for spelling instruction. It is appropriate for a wide variety of literacy levels and can be used as an instruction tool or a self study guide.

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