ESOL Classroom Materials

  • ESOL Learner-Generated Texts
  • Beginnings – an annual publication of adult student writing. Aspire students are invited to submit original writings for review. All genres are acceptable. Accepted submissions are published in a softbound book, Beginnings. Accepted writers are invited to attend the Ohio Writers’ Conference, along with their teacher and one paid guest. View previous Beginnings books online or request hardcopies from the PDN.
  • Conversation Starters for English Students - Conversation questions to get discussions started with adult ESL students.
  • KWHL - This graphic organizer helps students gather information and think through a research problem by identifying what they Know, Want to know, How they will find the information and what they Learned.
  • One-Question Interview Strips - A simple reading and writing practice activity where students use one strip to interview everyone in the class about their reading and writing practices.
  • Reading Prescription Labels - Presentation to help students learn how to read a prescription label.